Lotus Seed Dryer Abides by the Call of Coal to Electricity for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

- May 03, 2019 -

The whole process of lotus seed processing is from picking lotus seeds, removing lotus seeds, coring and drying. If the whole process is carried out in traditional way, a lot of manual work is needed. The lotus seed dryer production line can easily solve this heavy manual work.

Today, only from the drying process of lotus seed dryer production line, lotus seeds in the traditional processing technology, mainly rely on drying or sulfur fumigation drying, air drying, it requires a lot of turning over the drying ground, and artificial exposure, and sulfur fumigation drying, lotus seeds will remain a large number of sulfide, and Chinese food safety regulations are that food should not contain sulfur. Chemicals.

There are still a large number of excessive sulfide lotus seeds on the market. How to solve these problems will become an important issue to solve food safety. When air-energy heat pump dryer dries lotus seeds, it can deal with lotus seeds in large quantities, and in the drying process, there is no need for manual exposure. Air-energy heat pump dryer uses potential heat in the atmosphere to compress and work, producing high-temperature gas drying. No pollutants are produced during the drying process. At the same time, according to the characteristics of lotus seeds, the drying process is customized in order to achieve better quality.

p>strong>air-energy heat pump dryer, Henan manufacturers can customize the size of equipment according to the actual needs of customers. According to the needs of drying room or belt continuous dryer, air-energy heat pump dryer can also be applied to other industries, instead of the old pepper dryer, gelatin dryer, onion dryer, balsam pear dryer, bamboo dryer, chrysanthemum dryer, apple dryer, sea cucumber dryer, kiwifruit dryer, medicinal materials dryer, fruit dryer, preserved fruit dryer. Dryer, blueberry dryer, mulberry dryer, lemon dryer and other drying equipment use, the same good drying effect, energy saving and environmental protection composite energy saving and emission reduction trend.

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