A Brief Talk on the Direction of Food Processing for the Manufacturer of Yuba Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

Most of the time in the production of Yuba is in the process of drying, while the traditional drying hinders the large-scale processing and production. Yuba dryer will dry Yuba quickly and effectively, and expand the processing of Yuba effectively. Bamboo is a common dish in most families, as is the case in restaurants and hotels.

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< p> According to the traditional processing operation of putrefied bamboo, the putrefied bamboo is dried on the spot and dried in a high temperature workshop. It is not hygienic to the operator, but also a test. The transpiration of hot air is a limit test to the human body. At present, the heat source of bamboo dryer can be selected in a wide range. The choice of air-energy heat pump for heating and drying of bamboo dryer will speed up the road of bamboo to food safety.

Air-energy heat pump dryer can effectively dry rotten bamboo, using potential heat in the atmosphere to compress heating, producing high-temperature gas, very environmentally friendly, and has no toxic side effects on the whole drying process of rotten bamboo. To upgrade the processing environment of putrid bamboo directly, the enterprises of putrid bamboo production and processing will go directly to the road of food hygiene and safety. The bamboo dryer supports the large-scale batch production of factories, and the order delivery can be controlled.

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