Solving the Upgrading of Fruit Agricultural Processing Industry by Heat Pump Mango Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

Mango dried products occupy an important position in the mango processing industry. Because the requirement of mango dried processing equipment is relatively simple, production technology is easy to control, while maintaining the original flavor of mango, and storage is convenient and can be preserved for a long time. Mango drying is particularly important. Heat pump mango dryer After years of research and development and application adjustment, the quality of drying is good. <

mango dryerBasic process:

mango dryerBasic process:

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mango dryer selection of mango dryer < mango Advantages.

Firstly, air-energy heat pump dryer is used to dry mango, which has low energy consumption and can effectively reduce the processing cost of mango.

Secondly, the mango dryer uses heat pump, the drying equipment is designed reasonably, the drying effect is good, the heating is uniform, and the quality is good.

Third, the air-energy heat pump dryer adopts PLC intelligent control, which can effectively control the implementation of mango drying process and avoid problems in the drying process.

< p> Fourth, there will be no flammable and explosive hazards in the drying process of heat pump dryer, which is very safe and reliable. Mango contains sugar, protein and crude fiber. The precursor of vitamin A in mango is very high, which is rare in all fruits. Secondly, the content of vitamin C is not low. Minerals, proteins, fats and sugars are also the main nutrients. Mango has high nutritional value and should be a high-profit product, but it is often unsalable. Mango dryer can solve the problem of unsalable mango.

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