Lentinus edodes dryer using heat pump energy consumption stand out

- May 03, 2019 -

The mushroom dryer plays an indispensable and crucial role in the drying process. Lentinus edodes, as a delicious dish on the table, is usually dried on the day of picking for long-term storage. In the drying process, reasonable drying process and clean energy can ensure the shape, color and fragrance of Lentinus edodes to achieve a better state. How to choose the drier of Lentinus edodes will be an important problem for many mushroom growers. Today Henan Province will reveal the selection of mushroom dryer according to its own experience and installation site. According to the current energy mode in China, the energy available for mushroom dryer can be divided into coal boiler, firewood boiler, natural gas boiler, biomass combustion furnace, electric heating, air energy, solar energy and other energy forms. According to China's current domestic environmental protection situation, coal and firewood boilers have gradually stepped out of the historical stage. First of all, we excluded coal and firewood boilers, but also because the use of coal and firewood will cause secondary pollution risk to materials. For natural gas boilers,

there are no pollution defects, but because the boilers themselves are special equipment, they need to be inspected regularly, and because the natural gas is affected by the domestic environmental protection situation, the withdrawal of coal has caused the natural gas price to rise once and the phenomenon of gas shortage. Therefore, when choosing natural gas boilers, it is also necessary to consider clearly. For biomass burning furnaces, there is also a problem of natural gas boilers. Due to the withdrawal of coal, there is a shortage of biomass granular raw materials. There is no pollution problem such as coal and the phenomenon of rising price of natural gas in the drying process of electric heating. However, the way of electric heating needs a lot of heat, which consumes a lot of electric energy and costs more expensive. If the drying capacity is small, the electric oven can also be chosen, and it is only suitable for small batch processing. For air-energy heat pump drying, there is no problem of environmental pollution and excessive energy consumption. Air-energy heat pump dryer uses reverse Carnot principle, through a series of work such as compressor condenser, low-temperature and low-pressure gas is converted into high-temperature and high-pressure gas, so as to achieve the purpose of drying materials. The energy consumption of one-time electricity can achieve the heating capacity of pure electric energy of 3-5 degrees, which is why it is jointly encouraged by the Ministry of Agriculture and other three ministries. Solar energy is very energy-saving and pollution-free, but the cost of equipment is too expensive, which is not acceptable to general enterprises. So it is very difficult to implement it in our country at present. In conclusion, mushroom dryer should choose air-energy heat pump dryer when choosing air-energy heat pump dryer . It can be decided whether to adopt a small batch of electric oven or choose a large air-energy heat pump dryer room according to its own output.

Aiming at the problem of energy consumption, the air-energy heat pump dryer is developed and designed, which can make full use of the heat in the dehumidification and recover the heat to a greater extent to reduce energy consumption. Reduce the cost of drying and processing for customers. The mushroom dryer developed by the company can be used as honeysuckle dryer, wolfberry dryer, pepper dryer, yellow cauliflower dryer, pepper dryer, fruit and vegetable dryer for many purposes at the same time, so as to achieve a multi-purpose effect.

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