Okra dryer shines brilliantly because of the new heat pump technology

- May 03, 2019 -

Okra is a medicinal and edible plant. Its young pods, flowers and leaves are edible and processed medicinally. Henan okra dryer can be further processed on the basis of retaining the original active ingredients. The company provides heat pump drying equipment for okra and okra seeds, which are much more efficient than coal-fired drying ovens. It also has deep processing equipment for powder and fresh-keeping products. In accordance with the requirements and investment of the vast number of okra growers and processing plants, various types of processing equipment for okra are provided.

heat pumpokra dryer features: okra heat pump dryer is easy to install, remove, occupy less space, can be installed indoors and outdoors; okra heat pump dryer is efficient and energy-saving: only a small amount of energy is consumed, it can absorb a lot of heat in the air, power consumption is only 1/4 of the electric heater; with coal, oil, gas drying Compared with the dry machine, the operation cost can be saved by about 60%. One kilowatt-hour is equal to four kilowatt-hour.

Okra heat pump dryer is environmentally friendly and pollution-free: without any combustion and emissions, it is an environmentally friendly product of sustainable development. Okra drying equipment runs safely and reliably: the whole system runs without the dangers of flammability, explosion, poisoning and short circuit that may exist in traditional dryers (fuel, gas or electric heating). It is an absolutely safe and reliable semi-closed drying system.

Okra drying equipment has long service life and low maintenance cost: it is developed on the basis of traditional air conditioning technology with stable, reliable performance and long service life; safe and reliable operation, automatic manual operation free, intelligent control. Okra drying equipment is comfortable, convenient, automated and highly intelligent: using automatic constant temperature device, 24 hours continuous drying operation. Okra drying equipment has a wide range of applications, not affected by climate: it can be widely used in high temperature hot water and drying system equipment, such as food, agricultural and sideline products, seafood, paper products, wood, leather, chemical medicine, etc. The harvesting season of Okra is rainy season. Generally, the frequency of autumn rain is over 70%-80%. If it can't be dried in time, the phenomenon of mildew is very serious. Our company based on the above situation after a long period of specialized research, developed a suitable for the public Okra dryer. Compared with the traditional dryer, it has obvious advantages. Traditional dryers have less drying materials, high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution. Safety is not guaranteed and operation cost is high. Need special care, the cost will be relatively high, and this new okra dryer quoted thermal efficiency as high as 400%, operating costs are only gas, coal, electricity, one of the three parts, the unit can produce cold air in operation, can improve the working environment of the workshop. The drying style is diversified, and the size is customized. It can also be refitted to meet the various needs of customers.

Heat pump okra dryer is a kind of intelligent equipment with energy saving, convenient use and labor saving. Compared with traditional okra dryer, heat pump okra dryer has unprecedented precision in temperature, humidity and time control. Okra drying mainly requires four conditions: temperature, humidity, time, and the uniformity of drying room design. As long as these four conditions are satisfied, then after the okra is dried, no matter from the quality, the effect, it is the best quality, and it can sell at a good price in the market.

Okra dryer controls the relevant parameters of material drying, intelligently controls the problems in drying process and intelligently handles abnormal situations. The drying process is safe and reliable, and there is no danger of overheating or combustion in the drying process. Temperature and humidity automatic control, high accuracy. Effectively avoid the phenomenon of drying or excessive drying caused by manual operation, reduce labor intensity and operation cost.

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