Heat pump dehumidification and dehydration process for yam dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

For air drying equipment, yam belongs to the typical rhizome materials, such agricultural products as pueraria, sweet potatoes, potatoes, Gastrodia elata and so on are different from the drying technology of mosaic materials. In the drying process, we should pay attention to the balanced dehydration, so that the yam tablets can be evenly dried, achieve the desired appearance and taste quality, and effectively retain the medicinal ingredients. Here we focus on sharing the technical steps of yam dryer drying yam tablets. < strong>

< p> < strong> yam dryer process application steps:

1. After peeling yam, cut it into yam tablets of uniform thickness and size. After water treatment, after water drainage, they are laid on the frame of stainless steel material. Pay attention not to stacking, there should be a certain gap between the tablets and tablets.

2. Start the yam dryer. There are many drying process modes in the drying equipment. According to the different characteristics of materials, the temperature, humidity, air volume and wind speed can be controlled intelligently in the drying process by using the principle of air energy. In the first stage, the drying temperature is set to 50 and the drying time is 0.5-1.5 hours.

3. After warming up in the front section, the yam dryer also started a small amount of dehumidification work. When the temperature parameters were set in the range of 40-50, the Huaishan tablets in the drying room were in a low temperature and high humidity state. The surface of yam tablets began to form water vapor, and the condensation turned into water and discharged out of the drying room. The best drying time is 3 hours.

4. On the basis of the above, continue to raise the temperature by 10, and set the temperature parameters in the range of 50-60. With the temperature rising, the yam tablets are in the state of moderate temperature and humidity. At this time, the continuous temperature and circulating wind will evenly send the heat to all corners of the drying room, and the yam tablets continue to evaporate water vapor and drain away from the wet system.

5. With the increase of temperature, the humidity of yam tablets is getting lower and lower. When the temperature parameters are finally set at 60-70, the intensity of moisture removal increases until the yam tablets are dried to about 10% moisture content, which takes about 6 hours. At this time, the yam tablets can be dried, broken by hand, and dried evenly both exterior and interior.

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