Yellow cauliflower drying and killing machine on line in Datong Base

- May 03, 2019 -

yellow cauliflower dryer : microwave heat pump yellow cauliflower dryer mainly uses microwave hot air combined heat pump drying room, using one-piece, one-time feeding, one-time drying, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, yellow cauliflower dryer is the use of hot air cycle, as far as hot air cycle is concerned, many customers have heard about it, but our hot air cycle is Unlike the drying equipment on the market, our hot air circulation adopts the current domestic exclusive microwave heat pump combined drying technology, which not only saves time, but also creates high efficiency for enterprises. The most important thing is that the drying materials are uniform from top to bottom, and there will be no color difference between the sides and the middle. The dried yellow cauliflower is very beautiful. Combining the advantages and disadvantages of microwave and heat pump, the group has developed a microwave heat pump combined drying equipment. The microwave is introduced into the industrial stainless steel heat pump drying room through special waveguide. The specially designed waveguide and microwave pulse control can effectively prevent the material from heating up sharply, and can transmit microwave evenly and slowly to the drying room, directly to the inside of the material and assist the heat pump drying room. The combination of the two can avoid their respective shortcomings, namely, achieving the purpose of energy saving and improving the drying efficiency. Rate, so that the application of equipment scope is higher, applicability is stronger.

yellow cauliflower drying and killing green machine , especially in the picking time period of yellow cauliflower, it must be dried immediately, long time will cause yellow cauliflower blossom, the edible effect of dried yellow cauliflower is different. Yellow cauliflower needs to be first baked and then re-baked and dried. In the process of drying, one feeding is needed. No turning over is needed in the middle. It saves time, labor and labor. It completely displays automatic management and automatically prompts after drying. The production of yellow cauliflower is labor-intensive, and the time of using labor is concentrated. Manual work not only has high production cost, but also has high labor intensity. Over the years, the production of yellow cauliflower has relied on manual work, and the cost of labor is huge. Fumigation, drying and storage equipment are simple and crude. The traditional technology of & ldquo, manual picking, soil steaming, natural air drying & rdquo, and the degree of mechanization is almost zero. This situation directly affects the improvement of planting area and benefit of cauliflower.

In recent years, Datong Agricultural Machinery Extension Station has selected elite generals to investigate and investigate the market for several months, introducing & ldquo; yellow cauliflower production line series & rdquo; fully automatic pipelined microwave heat pump composite drying system (the first in China). From the beginning, a comparative experiment was carried out in the core area of yellow cauliflower planting with the integrated machine of drying and killing green cauliflower. During the experimental period of one month, technicians collect data every day, exchange and analyze technical data periodically every week, and put forward further improvement and optimization measures.

p>strong>yellow cauliflower drying and killing machine can also be used in tea drying and killing machine, honeysuckle drying and killing machine and other production line equipment.

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