Introduction of Hot Air Circulation Utilization Function of Heat Pump Drying Dehumidifier

- May 03, 2019 -

Heat pump technology has attracted much attention in recent years as a new energy technology. People are familiar with & ldquo; pumps & rdquo; is a kind of mechanical equipment that can improve energy, such as pumps mainly pump water from low to high. And ‘ heat pump ’ is a kind of device which can obtain low-grade heat energy from air, water or soil in nature and provide high-grade heat energy for people through electric power work. Heat pump is the most advanced energy utilization Series in the world.

New Heat pump drying dehumidifier Function introduction:

(1) Closed cycle drying with heat pump dehumidification can save operation cost; no exhaust heat emission, no noise pollution and environmental protection;

(2) The use of patented technology regenerative cycle heat pump dehumidifier in industrial drying field has widened the application of dehumidifier, drying performance is better than that of ordinary heat pump dehumidifier. Drying can save more than 30% energy and greatly save operating costs;

(3) Low and medium temperature drying (15-50 C/60 C/80 C) is close to natural drying, and the dried goods have good quality, good color, high product grade, no pollution, remarkable energy saving, and more in line with environmental requirements.

< p> (4) In the drying process, the material does not deform, crack, color, deterioration, oxidation, drying thoroughly, good rehydration after drying, less loss of nutrients, long storage period, and it is more effective than any traditional drying equipment to protect the individual shape and effective ingredients of drying matter.

< p> (5) Closed cycle drying is suitable for inert environment drying (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium), flammable and explosive materials, harmful and toxic materials, irritating odor materials, oxidizable materials & lsquo; volatile components such as aroma need to be recovered;

< p> (6) Microcomputer automatic control mode, stable performance, easy operation; Different drying curves can be set to satisfy different drying modes of materials;

(7) The late drying stage (deceleration drying) can be combined with traditional steam, electric heating, infrared and microwave drying to shorten drying period and save later operating costs;

(8) The equipment performance of the whole unit can be fully guaranteed by using internationally renowned brand matching. ACLO expansion valve, etc.

(9) Set up multiple security protection, phase sequence protection, overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, etc.

(10) Beautiful appearance and elegant design, small unit area. < / P >

heat pump drying dehumidifier has a wide range of applications, and now the most common use: tobacco leaves, tea, dried flowers, dried sweet potatoes, seafood, bamboo shoots, cured flavor, etc. can be dried by heat pump dryer.

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