Technical Characteristics of the Equipment 15 of Belt Continuous Vacuum Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

The belt type continuous vacuum dryer feeds and discharges continuously at both ends of the body respectively. The proportioning and discharging parts can be set in the clean room. The whole drying process is completely closed and does not contact with the outside environment, which meets the requirements of GMP.

Concentrated extract can be directly put into the vacuum belt dryer for drying without adding any auxiliary materials, which can reduce the consumption of the final product and improve the grade of the product. During the whole drying process, the product is in a vacuum, closed environment, and the drying process is mild (product temperature 40-135 C). For the extraction of natural plants, it can maximize its color, fragrance and taste, and obtain high-quality final products. Vacuum caterpillar continuous dryer can carry out complete CIP in-situ cleaning. It can be easily replaced between batches and batches, products and products. It reduces labor intensity, reduces process links and ensures product quality. The economic benefit has been improved.

p>p>p>p>belt continuous vacuum drying equipment 15 major process characteristics

p>p>p>p>p>1, material belt can control its running state and running speed

p>p>p>p>2, feed pump can control its running state and feeding speed

p>2, feeding pump can control its running state and feeding speed

p>p>3, feeding angle and running speed of feeding motor can be adjusted steplessly

p>p>4, vacuum system adopts multi-stage Roots water. Loop vacuum pump unit

5. Temperature control adopts control valve and digital sensing control technology to ensure that the heating temperature of each section runs at constant temperature

<6. Automatic deviation correction system is adopted. Closed-loop control is adopted to ensure that the deviation of material belt from the center during operation is not greater than & plusmn; 0.5cm

7. The historical trend interface can save the data of users during operation or after operation (temperature). With alarm records, it is convenient for users to observe the historical data of equipment operation at any time and to print or fill in the report forms.

8. Signal alarm interface can monitor and display various faults in the operation of the system at any time, and prompt the causes of the faults and solutions. In order to ensure the stability of the system and the function of self-diagnosis, the vacuum belt dryer ensures the service life of various hardware.

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9. The user interface permission ensures the safety and stability of the operation to a greater extent, and avoids the human interference of non-operators in the operation status of the equipment.

10. The operation of the vacuum belt dryer is simple and clear, with friendly and vivid visual image and graphics to show the operation status of the equipment.

11. All low-voltage appliances of PLC human-machine interface converter are made by Schneider (Schneider) Company, which is the representative of European system, to further ensure the safety and stability of the operation of vacuum belt dryer system.

12. The input and output points of PLC have a 30% margin in design, which makes it easy to expand and increase control points. To meet the customer's future expansion space.

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13. The heating system uses superheated water as medium. It can also provide steam heating, vacuum belt dryer heat conducting oil heating and direct electric heating plate heating and other heating methods according to customer's requirements.

14. The equipment is equipped with CIP automatic in-situ cleaning system, which is hygienic, clean, fast and convenient.

15, vacuum and microwave are combined organically to realize rapid low temperature drying of materials under the condition of negative pressure and low temperature oxygen insulation. This kind of microwave vacuum dryer is suitable for large-scale and continuous intelligent production of powder, liquid and viscous materials, with high automation, low labor cost, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and pollution-free.

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