New dryer of Codonopsis pilosula to improve the quality of traditional Chinese medicines in an all-round way

- May 03, 2019 -

The Codonopsis pilosula dryer equipment is heated by compressed air (the adjustable temperature in the drying room is 8 ~75 ~C and the adjustable humidity is 5%~95%). There is no coal burning, firewood burning, charcoal burning, boiler burning and steam burning at all. Codonopsis pilosula dryer only needs a small amount of electricity to drive the compressor to obtain the required high temperature heat. Codonopsis pilosula dryer is safe, sanitary, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, non-exhaust emissions, ultra-low operating electricity costs, full-automatic operation without personnel on duty, is an energy-saving and environmental protection drying solution. Codonopsis pilosula is a perennial herbal plant of Platycodon grandiflorum family. It is the root of Codonopsis pilosula, Codonopsis pilosula, Codonopsis pilosula and its related genera. It is a traditional tonic drug commonly used in China. It has the effect of Tonifying the middle and qi, strengthening the spleen and lung. The quality of Codonopsis pilosula is the key to ensure its nutritional and medicinal value. The drying of Codonopsis pilosula after harvest is not only the key link to ensure the quality of Codonopsis pilosula, but also the key to ensure the high yield and harvest of farmers. For Codonopsis pilosula, the incorrect drying method will inevitably result in the volatilization and oxidation of some effective substances in the process of processing, especially some heat-sensitive substances, such as protein and vitamins, which will change qualitatively, thus affecting its medicinal value more or less. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the current technology in order to preserve the effective substances and active ingredients of Codonopsis pilosula as far as possible, and give full play to its various medicinal effects. The drying of Codonopsis pilosula after harvest is not only the key link to ensure the quality of Codonopsis pilosula, but also the key to ensure the high yield and harvest of farmers. Most of the active ingredients in Codonopsis pilosula are thermosensitive substances. Some scholars believe that the temperature of Codonopsis pilosula dryer has a great influence on the drying quality of Codonopsis pilosula. In the early stage of drying, Codonopsis pilosula can not be treated by high temperature drying. The drying of Codonopsis pilosula is more suitable to use heat pump dryer based on air energy heat pump technology and easy to control humidity. Compared with traditional drying equipment, heat pump dryer / Codonopsis pilosula dryer has the advantages of

1. Short drying cycle, large output

multi-layer structure, large drying area, and can realize large-scale continuous production.

2. Simple structure, stable operation < / P >

complete set of equipment is reliable, easy to operate, highly automated, labor-saving.

p>3. Good drying effect

p>automatic setting and control of temperature and humidity to ensure the processing quality of medicinal materials. The automatic circulation is reversed many times, and the drying is even.

4. Low capital input

multi-layer mesh belt structure, significantly shorten the total length of equipment, greatly reducing the user's investment in plant construction.

5.Sulfur-free drying, environmental protection and energy saving

The whole processing process is sulfur-free processing to ensure that the finished products are free of any pollution such as sulfur residue. Compatibility is strong, multi-purpose

compatibility is strong, adaptability is wide, and it can adapt to drying of various materials. It is an ideal dehydration and drying equipment for the majority of Chinese herbal medicine processing enterprises.

Codonopsis pilosula dryer can meet its special drying needs. It is a programmable PLC system with stage drying and precise control of temperature and humidity. It can precisely control the temperature and humidity of Codonopsis pilosula which can not be dried at high temperature. The equipment can precisely control the appropriate temperature and humidity. On the basis of ensuring the uniform removal of water evaporation, the medicinal properties of Codonopsis pilosula can be ensured. The medicinal substance is not destroyed by high temperature. In addition, heat pump dryer can be divided into medium temperature machine, cryogenic machine and high temperature machine, which can meet the drying needs of various kinds of Chinese medicinal materials. It is an advanced professional heat pump drying equipment which is highly praised by the thermal power under the current situation of coal-to-electricity conversion.

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Most Chinese herbal medicines are more precious, and there are strict requirements for drying temperature and humidity. A little bad operation will affect their quality and effect, and even cause changes in the structure and pharmacology of the medicinal materials, which will bring huge losses. Therefore, it is particularly important to select a truly suitable professional and advanced drying equipment. And Codonopsis pilosula dryer is the best choice, its product advantages highlight.

1. Full touch screen control, accurate temperature control to make the drying state clear at a glance, real-time display of the drying room temperature, humidity and the working status of each function of the unit.

2. The advanced fresh air pre-dehumidification function of heat pump dryer for Codonopsis pilosula can ensure fresh air drying, which is suitable for strict drying process. The performance ratio of dehumidification is greatly improved and the energy-saving effect is obvious by using double-effect dehumidification technology.

3. Built-in drying condenser and dehumidifying condenser. After the high humidity hot air in the drying room is dehumidified by the condenser, the heater returns to the drying room to heat the dried materials and circulate drying dehumidifier. Customized polyurethane foaming heat preservation warehouse, fully enclosed drying, greatly reducing heat loss and energy consumption.

4. The air energy Codonopsis pilosula dryer adopts multi-stage temperature and humidity control means. It can set target temperature and humidity according to different process parameters, and also can control working time according to temperature and humidity requirements. It can adapt to any complex drying process requirements.

5. Material can be dried and regulated freely in cloudy or rainy days. Different materials can be dried when drying the same type of material. This saves investment cost and makes rational use of the idle rate of equipment. It really plays a role in improving productivity.

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