Golden Chrysanthemum Dryer uses heat pump and warm air to dry the products well.

- May 03, 2019 -

Chrysanthemum planting base and processing industry owners, who have already made a success of the market sales of New Year's Chrysanthemum, are pressing to add Chrysanthemum dryer to replace the original firewood drying. You know, the market value of Chrysanthemum ultimately depends on its quality after drying. A golden and bright, sweet and clear chrysanthemum, to be perfectly presented in our cup, experienced from planting, picking, cooling, spreading flowers, sieving, baking, picking and other complex processes, and chrysanthemum drying is a very important and test the process of kungfu, selling is the price, the most important use of the dryer is the chrysanthemum phase.

firewood drying is not energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can not meet the needs of the market for green environmental protection. In 2016, many owners of chrysanthemum planting and processing quietly used golden chrysanthemum dryer . This air-energy heat pump dryer only needs a small amount of electric power to drive the compressor to obtain the required temperature, and the drying process can be operated intelligently and automatically when a certain temperature is reached. Or the drying of the chrysanthemum is completed and the machine stops automatically. Golden chrysanthemum not only improves the quality and market price of the chrysanthemum, but also energy-saving, efficient, green and environmental protection, which embodies the strength of the company.

Push the drying frame into the drying room, close the door of the drying room, start the drying equipment of the chrysanthemum dryer, and set the temperature, humidity and time parameters. This paper takes Jinaoyuan intelligent air energy heat pump Huangju dryer as an example to set drying parameters. For the convenience of memory, we call it the four steps of drying technology of chrysanthemum dryer:

the first step-mdash; & mdash; low-temperature dehumidification stage: drying time is about 8 hours, temperature can not be too high at a sudden, it is appropriate to be around 45 degrees Celsius, otherwise, like tea baking, too dead, water in chrysanthemum can not be lost, later storage will soon deteriorate. Step two of

mdash; & mdash; heating and speed-up stage: drying time is about 5-7 hours, temperature is about 50. The third step of

is mdash; & mdash; continuous heating and drying stage: drying time is about 6-8 hours, and temperature should be raised to 55-60 C.

Step 4 - mdash; & mdash; the last stage of drying: after the first three stages are completed, the drying degree, temperature and humidity of the chrysanthemum flowers should be observed every time. After three different degrees of drying, the water content of Chrysanthemum flower decreased significantly, and the rate of water evaporation was relatively slow in the later stage. In the final stage, according to the drying degree of the chrysanthemum, we should increase the drying temperature properly again until the drying room humidity drops to about 13%.

Regarding Golden chrysanthemum drying equipment process requirements, golden chrysanthemum drying should adopt low temperature to high temperature step by step heating for drying, in the drying process to master the humidity and uniformity in the drying room. Humidity control is not good, dry goods after drying are not bright and dark. The uneven air distribution in the drying room results in the asynchronous drying of materials in different areas, prolongs the drying time, increases the drying cost and reduces the drying volume.

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