Selection and Recommendation of Hot Air Scheme for Lentinus edodes Dryer Equipment

- May 03, 2019 -

Lentinus edodes has many processing technologies in food processing, but all processing technologies need to use drying and sterilization. At present, mushroom sauce is the most widely processed mushroom. Especially in Nanyang area, a large number of mushrooms need to be dried every year.

Mushroom processing process can not be separated from the dryer, in the choice of Mushroom dryer , many people will be confused, do not know how to choose suitable equipment for their own use, today we will simply talk about how to choose the right mushroom dryer. There are many types of mushroom dryers in China. According to energy consumption, they can be divided into useful electric and fuel. As the domestic industry requires more and more environmental protection, more and more power-consuming dryers are on the market. According to the customers who bought our company's mushroom dryer in recent years, most of the mushroom dryers are classified into three categories:

1, hot-air drying type of mushroom dryer, which is represented by electric oven. Electric oven is a hot air dryer designed for drying and sterilizing agricultural by-products. There are two kinds of ovens, single oven and double oven. There are different numbers of pallets in the ovens. Material is placed on the pallets and dried by hot air. This dryer is suitable for small farmers whose daily output is less than 500 kg. It is cheap and economical.

2. Microwave drying type of mushroom dryer, the representative is box type microwave drying equipment and continuous microwave drying equipment. The shape of box microwave drying equipment is similar to that of electric oven, which prevents materials from drying through pallets, but the drying speed of microwave is five or six times faster than that of hot air. Continuous microwave drying equipment is a conveyor belt which transmits mushrooms to microwave drying area, then dries mushrooms, and then spreads out, which realizes the requirement of high output of industrial production automation. This mushroom dryer is suitable for enterprises with large production.

3, the mushroom dryer combined with microwave and hot air represents a multi-layer continuous dryer. The equipment has two stages. The first stage is to heat the material rapidly through microwave section and dry it from inside to outside. The second stage is to dry the mushroom in the condition of constant temperature and humidity, and fix the shape and color. The dried mushroom is superior in color and taste. This mushroom dryer is suitable for enterprises requiring very high drying quality.

Microwave+Heat Pump+Hot Air+Solar Energy Conservation Fusion Practitioner, Microwave Composite Heat Pump Drying Promotion, Comprehensive Application of Solar Heat Pump, Microwave Hot Air Composite Drying System. Of course, different types of mushroom dryer have different prices, and the price is far-reaching. Henan specializes in customizing drying equipment for customers, and has quite successful experience in mushroom drying. Welcome users to visit on the spot!

Microwave/heat pump/hot air dryer ./

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