There is nothing trivial about the correct operation of hot air circulating oven

- May 03, 2019 -

The hot air circulating oven air switch is set up according to the operation instruction of the oven. The heating temperature is 250 C, the overtemperature alarm temperature is 260 C, and the insulation time is 1 h. The automatic operation program is started. The indicator lights of circulating fan, intake fan, disc valve and heating of the oven are turned on sequentially, indicating that the program runs normally. After heating for 2.5 hours, the temperature can not reach the set value. If the heating time is too long, the heated glass container will be fragile and the rate of broken bottles will increase. At the same time, energy waste and power consumption increase. As well as the longer working cycle of the oven, the process can not be completed on time under the two shifts system of normal production posts, and the process plan of the production task is missed, and the production cost is increased. It takes 2.5 hours to heat the box from room temperature to 250 C, and about 6 hours for a working cycle.

After the above fault analysis, it can be concluded that the control signal and the adjustable parts are normal, and then we can check from the following aspects. Firstly, check the PID adjusting parameters of GCD-23A intelligent computer temperature controller to see if it is operated artificially by mistake, resulting in the change of setting parameters, thus causing abnormal operation of the system. PID parameters directly affect the accuracy of the system, which is the core content of the control system design. Through proper PID parameters, the PID control can calculate the system control quantity according to the error characteristics of the controlled process of the system, using proportion, integral and differential, and get the corresponding output response characteristics. The control system can achieve satisfactory control effect. Restore the normal setting value of PID parameters. Secondly, check whether the circulating fan is running normally and the steering is correct. If the fan reverses or the fan load is too large and the speed is too slow, the hot air circulation will be impaired. Characteristics of

hot air circulating oven Equipment: The whole oven body adopts fully enclosed structure, the hot air oven circulates inside, energy saving and high efficiency. The use of built-in high temperature resistant circulating fan greatly reduces heat loss and strengthens heat transfer. The box is equipped with adjustable air equalizing plate, which can adjust the opening up and down to make the temperature uniform. Drying tray is a unified industry standard. Drying tray mesh is suitable for many industries and has strong interchangeability. Automatic constant temperature control, working time timing, mechanized production, batch product quality stability and many other advantages.

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