The scheme of coal-to-heat pump for Okra dryer is favored by manufacturers.

- May 03, 2019 -

Henan heat pump okra dryer , okra heat pump dryer is to use the reverse Kano principle, absorb the heat of air and transfer it to the room, to achieve the drying room temperature increase, with the host dehumidification function to achieve material drying. The use of okra dryer drying process without any waste gas, waste water, waste residue emissions, fully meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene. Microcomputer controlled temperature and dehumidification is used throughout the whole process, without personnel guard, saving human resources. Because the drying principle of heat pump dryer is closer to natural drying, the dried okra does not destroy nutrients, has good color and water repeatability.

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Okra dryer controls the relevant parameters of material drying, intelligently controls the problems in drying process and intelligently handles abnormal situations. The drying process is safe and reliable, and there is no danger of overheating or combustion in the drying process. Temperature and humidity automatic control, high accuracy. Effectively avoid the phenomenon of drying or excessive drying caused by manual operation, reduce labor intensity and operation cost.

Heat pump okra dryer is a kind of intelligent equipment which not only saves energy, easy to use, but also saves labor. Compared with traditional okra dryer, heat pump okra dryer has unprecedented precision in temperature, humidity and time control. Okra drying mainly requires four conditions, namely: temperature, humidity, time, and drying room design. Uniformity, as long as these four conditions meet, then okra drying, regardless of quality, effect, it is a top-quality goods, in the market can sell a good price.

Okra dryer features, using heat pump Okra dryer for comprehensive drying of materials, low energy consumption in drying process, effectively reducing operating costs. The drying process is well ventilated and the surface of the material is uniformly heated without manual entry. The gloss of the material is maintained, and the quality of the finished product can be unified without manual separation.

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