New dehydration technology of heat pump drying and dehumidifying machine

- May 03, 2019 -

The heat pump drying and dehumidifying machine has been successfully applied to drying various medicinal materials and flowers. With the golden season of chrysanthemum blooming coming, heat pump drying dehumidifier brings a new drying method with high quality, high profit and low cost, which you deserve.

heat pump drying and dehumidification machine only needs a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor, and absorbs a large amount of heat energy from the air through the compressor, which is transported to the drying room through the circulating fan, and continuously circulates and rapidly warms up (the adjustable temperature in the drying room is 8-80 C, the adjustable humidity is 5%-95%). Then, the second waste heat recovery dehumidification device is used to drain the humidity from the drying room. To achieve the purpose of material drying. It is an energy-saving and environment-friendly drying solution with intelligent temperature control and humidity control by micro-computer, no need for specialist's guard, no pollutant emission and low running electricity cost in the drying process. The process of

chrysanthemum heat pump drying and dehumidification machine is discussed briefly:

< 1. Hot air 65-75 degree heat preservation for 2-3 hours, 35-40 degree heat preservation for 2-3 hours, 40-45 degree heat preservation for 8 hours, 50-55 degree heat preservation for 8 hours, a total of 18-20 hours.

2.35-40 degrees for 3-4 hours, 45-50 degrees for 15 hours, 55-60 degrees for 1 hour, a total of 19-20 hours. (Note: Hot air blower keeps recording by hour all the time.) With the development of energy saving and emission reduction in China, heat pump drying equipment, as a new energy industry supported by the state, has been well received by the industry. In addition to chrysanthemum drying, heat pump drying machine
is also used in the drying of honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rhubarb, Salvia miltiorrhiza, ginseng and other traditional Chinese medicines; jujube, dried fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, corn, coconut, areca nut, agaric and other agricultural and sideline products; squid, fish fillets, sea cucumber, abalone and other sea products.

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