Selection of Lycium Barbarum Dryer and Equipment Scheme

- May 03, 2019 -

After picking fresh wolfberry, we must do a good job of drying, only in this way can we do post-processing, which is also a point that we should pay special attention to. Lycium barbarum processing methods are diverse, cleaning and drying is only the first step, although seemingly not complicated, and easy to master, but in fact it is difficult to complete drying in a short time. Traditional drying methods are also vulnerable to weather, and even waste a lot of Lycium barbarum, so the choice of Lycium barbarum dryer has become the preferred choice of most processors, but also to protect. Certificate the way of quick drying. After picking Lycium barbarum, the traditional drying methods are usually hot air drying or oven drying, which requires a large number of workers and a large area of site, so that it can be spread out drying, and also need to be turned over every other period of time, drying must be uniform, drying speed is too fast and monitoring at any time. Although this method seems simple and the process is not complicated, the workload is larger and more staff are needed. Now the drying equipment is more practical, generally using microwave drying, speed is faster. The microwave hot air drying technology is still very recognized in China in recent years, and it is also a new technology. The use of professional dryers can effectively guarantee the drying effect. The equipment is automatically reversed, the staff only need to master the appropriate way of use, drying can be completed in a short time, and the internal heating speed is faster, energy efficiency is also higher. However, this kind of technology has just been promoted in China. If we want to buy high-end dryers, we hope to ensure a longer service life. It is better to buy regular brand dryers to ensure our rights and interests. The company specializes in producing microwave heat pump compound dryer for agricultural products. Welcome to consult. When we buy Lycium barbarum dryer , what we are most concerned about is the quotation of equipment. Especially the buyers who want to buy several dryers in batches should make a price comparison, and we should also make clear what services the brands will provide us. There are also many businesses on the network to open their own official network, consumers can directly through the network to make reservations, but also direct contact with customer service, to further understand the specific situation of the dryer. Every merchant's quotation is slightly different, so how to compare?

The first choice is to know the market situation. In fact, if we can grasp the market situation, probably know the current basic type of dryer prices, we can choose later easily. It is easy to understand the quotation on the internet. As long as it is a regular manufacturer, there is basically an official website, and the quality and performance of the dryer directly sold by the manufacturer are also guaranteed. While we go to understand the average quotation, we also need to consider our actual needs. The best choice is the type and brand of dryer within our affordable range, which can also guarantee our use.

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