A Brief Talk on the Advantage of Drying Technology of Honeysuckle Dryer Manufacturers

- May 03, 2019 -

Flower tea is dried by heat pump Golden Sunflower dryer because it is dried at low temperature of about 50-60 degrees, so the nutritional ingredients are retained more fully. Golden Sunflower Tea is rich in bioflavonoids and organic selenium. It can regulate endocrine, anti-aging, nourishing skin, anti-fatigue, anti-allergy, increase endurance, treat oral ulcer, protect liver, prevent and improve arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by combining VC, VE and trace nutrients. Natural mineral acids and cell activating factors in flowers can remove various chronic diseases in the body, free radicals in the body, degrade physiological fouling, and achieve the purpose of preventing and treating diseases. In addition, drinking golden sunflower tea can also pass through the liver meridian, eliminate edema, dispel fire, reduce “ three high-rdquo; (blood sugar, lipid, blood pressure), inhibit thrombosis, and enhance human immunity. Healthy life begins with golden sunflower tea. Air-energy heat pump type Golden Sunflower dryer has the following advantages:

1. Hot air in the dryer closed cycle, high thermal efficiency, energy saving. It is equipped with hot air recovery device, fully energy saving, no secondary pollution, in line with the requirements of national food hygiene standards.

2.The box is equipped with a high-strength circulating axial-flow fan, which promotes the forced circulation of hot air in the box, makes the difference between upper and lower temperatures in the dryer small, and makes the flowers exist in a hot air circulation state, with enough air and heat, so that the flowers can be dried more evenly and faster in time.

3. A unique adjustable air distributor can be installed to let the hot air blow onto the flower according to the optimal heat demand, so as to ensure the uniform drying of honeysuckle and avoid the phenomenon of uneven drying inside and outside. This equipment can save energy and manpower without rewinding in the drying process.

4.Temperature control in dryer, automatic power cut when exceeding the maximum temperature set, automatic power supply when below the set temperature; Humidity control, when the humidity in the box reaches the required humidity, the system automatically opens the outlet and discharges excess humidity in the box in time to ensure proper temperature and humidity (including automatic heating, automatic moisture exhaust system, automatic circulating air system) for drying.

5.Drying Drying time automatic control, the real realization of automatic management.

6. Relative low temperature drying with 40-75 degrees, after drying, high quality, non-rupture, good color, high efficacy, good price.

7.The machine has low noise, smooth operation and low running cost.

8.The machine has reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, smooth operation and simple use. It can be used as long as there is power supply. The inner liner and heating system of the equipment adopt high temperature and moisture-proof fittings, so that customers can avoid worries.

Honeysuckle dryer heat pump drying equipment is a kind of heat lifting device. High-temperature heat pump drying unit uses reverse Carnot principle to absorb heat from the surrounding environment and transfer it to the heated object (the object with higher temperature), mainly used in the drying and dehydration process of food, medicinal materials, wood, agricultural by-products, industrial products, etc. The dryer can also be applied to golden sunflower, rose, okra, peony, chrysanthemum, fetus chrysanthemum, Wuyuan chrysanthemum, Xiaoqi chrysanthemum, Hangzhou chrysanthemum, dried okra, golden tea, okra, solanum, ginseng, osmanthus, jasmine, black fruit medlar, Ningxia wolfberry, hibiscus, marigold, snow lotus, snow lotus, wild hibiscus, chrysanthemum, yellow essence. Radix Ophiopogonis, Radix Puerariae, Purple Heart Huaishan, Andrographis paniculata and other materials.

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