Application Range and Advantage of Heat Pump Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

How does heat pump dryer operate and applicable scenario? What are the things that need to be maintained in different seasons? How can we effectively prolong the service life of machines? Now I will share with you the equipment of the system heat pump dryer. Thermal efficiency and exergy: mainly considering the amount of energy utilization, mainly unit loss of water energy consumption and thermal efficiency, is the part of energy that can theoretically be transformed into useful work under environmental conditions. Or try to form a practicable thermodynamic and economic calculation method in the design of dryer system by means of analysis method. The goal is to optimize the design of the whole system. For hot air drying system, the two biggest losses are physical exergy loss of exhaust air, followed by exergy loss of temperature difference heat transfer. The direction of energy saving is first to consider the use of exhaust heat, secondly to try to reduce the temperature difference of heat transfer. Heat pump dryers should vigorously advocate the use of low-grade heat sources, use solar energy and amateur heat, use heat pump desiccant hot air circulation system, develop combined drying equipment and adopt combined drying process.

3. Recovery of exhaust heat can save energy by 10%-15%. Steam heat transfer and heating systems generally adopt throttle test method to adjust the supply pressure to meet equipment requirements, resulting in energy devaluation, but also condensate is difficult to discharge smoothly, which reduces the strength of heat transfer equipment. Heat pump condenser recycling heating can save energy and reduce consumption instead of traditional steam system, which can save 15% energy for paper drying.

heat pump dryer has a wide range of applications, and now the most common use: tobacco leaves, tea, flower dried, sweet potato dried, seafood, bamboo shoot dried, cured, and so on can be used to heat pump dryer for drying treatment.

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