A Brief Talk on the Standard Classification of Industrial Oven

- May 03, 2019 -

Industrial oven controls the temperature of the studio by the connection of digital display instrument and temperature sensor. Hot air circulating system is used to dry materials. Hot air circulating system is divided into horizontal air supply and vertical air supply, which are specially designed. The wind source is driven by the operation of the motor to drive the air supply wheel, so that the wind blown out on the electric heating pipe forms a hot air, and the hot air is supplied by the air duct. Entering the industrial oven's studio and re-inhaling the hot air into the air duct to become the air source for re-circulating heating, greatly improving the temperature uniformity. The classification of industrial ovens can be distinguished from specifications, structures and maximum rated temperatures.


1. According to specifications, it can be generally divided into

Desktop oven: also known as desktop oven, the smallest oven, generally for laboratory use;

small oven: small size oven, generally refers to products with volume less than 500L;

small and medium oven: small and medium size product, generally refers to oven with volume of 500L-1500L;

medium size oven, generally refers to volume. Oven with volume of 1500L-3000L;

large oven, large product, generally refers to oven and drying oven with volume of 3000L.

2. According to the structure and style of the box, it can be divided into

vertical oven: the electric oven on the top of the box is characterized by less floor occupancy;

traditional horizontal oven: common oven structure, the electric room on the left or right side of the box;

trolley oven: generally medium-sized oven, landing type, pushing trolley, drying more materials, also known as car-in type. Oven;

double-door oven: generally medium-sized or above oven/drying oven, wide door, suitable for left and right double-door;

pipeline oven: conveyor belt oven, suitable for shorter heating or drying, high efficiency and low labor intensity.

3, distinguished by its highest rated temperature, it can be divided into

low temperature oven, below 100 C, which is generally used for aging of electrical products, slow drying of common materials, drying of some food raw materials, plastics and other products;

high temperature oven, 260-400 C, high temperature drying special materials, workpiece heating installation, material high temperature test, reaction treatment of chemical raw materials;

super high temperature oven, 410-550 C, higher working temperature, high temperature drying box special materials, workpiece heating heat treatment, material high temperature test, etc.



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