Processing Technology of Fresh Medicine Preservation in China

- May 07, 2019 -

The successful research and development of the preservation technology of medicinal materials such as low temperature preservation, microwave drying, freeze drying, high temperature wet-hot steam drying and so on, especially the combination of microwave drying and hot air drying, has solved the technical problems of medicinal fresh, preserved the biological active ingredients of medicines to the greatest extent, maintained the ecological balance between nucleotides and molecular environment, and the quality is stable and easy to absorb. Over the past 2000 years, fresh medicines have been used from fewer to more, from simplicity to complexity, because doctors in past dynasties have found that some medicines have better fresh effect or some diseases have better curative effect. However, due to the limitation of harvesting and processing technology, in recent decades, China has been developing towards the direction of paying attention to dry medicinal materials, processing of decoction pieces and medicinal preparations, gradually replacing fresh with dry ones, and stopping the supply of fresh medicines.

Through traditional pharmacological research, the fresh medicines with development prospects were screened from the fresh medicines of Chinese herbal literature, clinical or folk usable medicines, and the chemical constituent basis of dried and fresh medicines was studied comparatively with the main pharmacodynamics as the index. The material basis of fresh medicines was systematically studied to find out the active ingredients with unique curative effect and to keep them stable. METHODS: To formulate quality standards suitable for fresh Chinese medicines, and compare the efficacy of dry and fresh medicines; to create high-level fresh medicines by adopting scientific and advanced preparation technology.

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