Development of Microwave Technology at Home and Abroad

- May 07, 2019 -

At present, microwave drying is widely used in European sanitary ceramics production. The microwave drying oven controls the atmosphere parameters of the dryer through the computer software, and can automatically draw the drying curve, so as to optimize the drying curve and accurately control the drying progress and drying time of the billet.

Whether in tunnel kiln or roller kiln firing, European enterprises have realized the automation of kiln loading, kiln opening and firing control. At present, China's sintering industry is accelerating the development of microwave rapid firing technology. It is said that the advanced microwave firing method can shorten the firing time which currently takes several hours to more than ten hours to ten minutes, which will be a new revolution in sanitary ceramics firing.

Microwave drying technology and bactericidal technology are in the mature stage in China, and some of them have surpassed the international level. The domestic requirements for sintering kiln technology are very high, especially for environmental protection. The research and development of microwave sintering technology in China is still in the stage of in-depth research and development. I believe that it will surpass the international level in the near future.

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