Automation Development Direction of Drying Equipment in China

- May 07, 2019 -

In terms of the automation level of domestic drying equipment, it is not a major problem to solve the control problem in the drying process, but the most deficient problem is the reasonable combination of automatic control technology and drying equipment. Different materials have different requirements for control means, such as automatic control of material feeding, conveying and discharging. The drying equipment of

has its specific scope of application, and each material can find several kinds of drying equipment which can meet the basic requirements. Users can choose the drying equipment. If the selected drying equipment is not suitable, they will pay a heavy price during the use period, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operating cost, poor product quality, and even the normal operation of the equipment.

Automatic control plays a more and more important role in drying equipment, but its one-time investment is also the most concerned issue. Sometimes, the investment of control equipment even exceeds the investment of mechanical part of drying equipment. In view of the requirements of drying equipment and drying process, it is also a subject to be studied to determine a reasonable control scheme and appropriate control means for specific drying projects. At present, we should design control means according to the characteristics of materials, such as fluid, powder, granule, large bulk materials, how to feed, transfer and discharge, not only to provide convenience in automation, but also to facilitate the combination of drying equipment, which can not affect the efficiency of drying equipment.

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