Application Technology of Microwave Equipment in Metallurgy

- May 07, 2019 -

The application of microwave equipment in ore powder is also quite extensive. Next, we will discuss the industrial heating process of microwave equipment for ore, pellet, carbon iron ore powder and other minerals.

P>Microwave equipment can be used to pretreat iron ore

P>The characteristics of selective heating by microwave equipment can be used to pretreat iron ore by microwave. After being irradiated by microwave, pyrite and quartz crack completely, pyrite and quartz also produce many cracks. The formation of cracks can effectively promote the dissociation of useful minerals and increase the effective reaction area of useful minerals. It is of great practical significance to reduce grinding cost, improve ore dressing recovery and accelerate metallurgical rate.

Microwave equipment heating pellets

Using the characteristics of microwave heating uniformity, fast heating rate and high heating efficiency, the temperature variation law, drying characteristics, raw pellet strength and lithofacies characteristics of pellets after microwave heating magnetite pellets compared with ordinary drying roasting method, using microwave drying roasting pellets, the temperature of pellets increases rapidly, and the internal temperature of pellets increases rapidly. The degree distribution is uniform; the drying speed is fast, and cracks and bursts do not appear in the drying process; the magnetic pellets after roasting are mainly composed of fully crystallized Fe2O3; the strength of each finished pellet is 170-230 kg, and there is no overheating during roasting. Microwave heating and carbothermal reduction of iron ore with

microwave equipment can solve the problem of "cold center" which can not be solved by traditional heating method, and the carbothermal reduction rate of metal oxides is obviously increased. A lot of experiments have been done in this field by the General Institute of Iron and Steel Research. The results show that magnetite powder, hematite powder and anthracite powder all have good microwave absorption performance, while lime powder and limestone powder have poor microwave absorption ability. Under the condition of unprotected atmosphere, the effect of microwave heating on reduction of carbonaceous iron ore powder is very obvious, and the reduction rate of metal can reach more than 90%.

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