Application of Microwave Drying Technology in Silkworm Breeding

- May 07, 2019 -

With the development of microwave technology, the application of microwave equipment is more and more extensive, and the value to society is more and more. This powerful and simple artifact has been used in silkworm breeding.

In silkworm breeding, there is a great demand for silkworm pellet feed, which greatly improves the labor level and labor cost. In view of this situation, Chinese scientists have systematically studied the physiological mechanism and related genes of the differences in feeding ability of silkworm to artificial diet, analyzed the methods of rearing silkworm with pellet feed and the influence of rearing environment on the growth and development of silkworm, developed the formula of pellet feed for small silkworm suitable for conventional silkworm varieties, developed a new method of processing mulberry leaf powder by microwave drying technology, and established the head of our country. A silkworm pellet feed processing workshop has produced qualified products in batches. The main function of microwave equipment is heating. In the feed processing of silkworm pellets, the main function of microwave equipment is drying, puffing and sterilizing, so as to facilitate the preservation of feed. The processing ability of microwave equipment is very strong, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost.

Shandong Province is the national high-quality cocoon base, and mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing are the pillar industries and superior industries in many regions. However, the traditional silkworm production technology has a slow yield, many production links, high labor intensity and low production efficiency, which seriously restricts the development of silkworm industry. In recent years, environmental pollution and silkworm disease have caused serious harm to silkworm production. Researchers abroad and in our country have studied silkworm artificial diet since 1970s. However, the artificial diet studied before at home and abroad belongs to powdered cooking feed. It is not only expensive, complicated in processing and feeding methods, but also easy to deteriorate, difficult to preserve and transport. In addition, the conditions of silkworm rearing in rural areas of China are poor, and there is a lack of adaptable silkworm varieties. Therefore, it is difficult to produce silkworm artificial diet. It will be widely used. The new research and application results show that the processing technology of silkworm pellet feed is simple and can realize large-scale industrial production. It has the advantages of easy storage and transportation, non-pollution and deterioration, simple feeding method, and can improve the efficiency of silkworm rearing by 8 to 10 times. At present, this achievement has been demonstrated and popularized in Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shaanxi and other silkworm areas. The comprehensive economic benefit is 29% higher than that of traditional full-age mulberry leaf silkworm rearing, and the economic benefit is more than 21.0 million yuan.

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