What industries are microwave equipment used in our country at present?

- May 07, 2019 -

In China, microwave equipment has a lot of applications, and the scope of application is also very wide. What industries are microwave equipment used in China at present?

1. Food processing industry: microwave equipment can be used for food drying, sterilization, ripening, baking, deodorization, expansion and thawing. At present, the commonly used technologies include microwave drying of jujube, beef jerky, fish biscuits, microwave sterilization of salted vegetables, brine, beverage production lines, microwave puffing of pigskin, microwave deodorization of soybean, microwave thawing of seafood and so on. Every year, a large number of enterprises purchase microwave equipment in the food processing industry in China.

P>2. Pharmaceutical industry: Since I issued the GMP certification for the pharmaceutical industry, microwave equipment has become a necessity in the pharmaceutical industry. Microwave equipment in the pharmaceutical industry can be used to sterilize pills, powders, extracts, oral liquid, and some traditional Chinese medicines. There are thousands of pharmaceutical enterprises in China, which basically depend on microwave equipment, especially on vacuum microwave drying equipment. Drugs should not have too high problems in drying and sterilizing. Vacuum microwave drying equipment can provide a good environment for drying and sterilizing. Water can evaporate at room temperature. Industrial desulfurization: The sulfur in raw coal occurs in the form of pyrite, and pyrite has a higher loss tangent than coal. Therefore, pyrite can be selectively heated by microwave to react with gas for desulfurization. Coal is not affected. The ideal method is to heat pyrite to 650 C by intermittent heating with pulse wave lasting for 0.1 seconds. This method has good desulfurization effect, does not need expensive catalyst, saves money, has high energy efficiency and little environmental pollution. Microwave plasma technology has been used in semiconductor manufacturing processes for etching, sputtering, vapor deposition, silicon oxide wafers, surface treatment of metals, alloys and non-metals, and detection of more than a dozen elements by plasma spectroscopy.

5. Rubber vulcanization industry: The tire is heated once by 2450 MHz, 5-10 kW microwave heating equipment, and then heated by hot air until vulcanization temperature. The tire of 3-4 tons weight can be vulcanized. In the United States, 915 MHz and 50 kW horn antenna are used as radiator to control the rotary scanning of large tires by program. Its advantages are uniform heating and one third shorter vulcanization time. The microwave rubber vulcanization equipment developed by our company is comparable to those imported from Japan and Germany in terms of shape, structure, performance and vulcanization quality. High-temperature microwave sintering of ceramics: microwave equipment can be raised to a high temperature in a very short time, from 300 to 1600 C according to the need, and it can be achieved quickly in a very short time.

Of course, there are many applications of microwave equipment, such as the application of medical equipment, the application of communication industry, etc. At present, the wider areas are microwave drying, microwave sterilization and microwave sintering.

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