Industrial microwave equipment is the hope of China's manufacturing industry

- May 07, 2019 -

Industrial microwave equipment has the functions of drying, sterilization, ripening, solidification, expansion, heating, thawing, greening and sintering. It is a new high-end equipment with high efficiency and energy saving in industry. Made in China relies on cheap labor to gain cost and price advantages, but with inflation and changes in the foreign environment, the pressure of rising labor costs forces enterprises to seek new sources of profit. In order to reverse the decline of China's manufacturing industry and create more profits in the manufacturing industry, it is an inevitable trend for industrial microwave equipment to be put into production. Why does industrial microwave equipment become the hope of China's manufacturing industry? Let's briefly analyse the following: the efficiency of microwave equipment: the dehydration efficiency and sterilization efficiency of microwave drying equipment are 1 kg and 10 kg per hour respectively; the steam output is at least 30% higher than that of hot air, far infrared and steam.

2. Energy-saving of equipment: In addition to high efficiency, industrial microwave equipment only needs 10 kilowatts of power even if it processes the same materials, while infrared drying equipment has 14 kilowatts of energy.

3. The equipment is easy to operate: Taking a 30 kW microwave food drying equipment as an example, it only takes 3-4 people to process 1,000 kg of stir-fry a day. (Lower workload)

4, lower production costs: Combining the above advantages of efficiency, energy consumption and operation, enterprises can use industrial microwave equipment to improve production efficiency, reduce economic costs and save labor costs. With the doubling of social labor costs, industrial automation and intellectualization have become a trend, and there are certain requirements for the operation level of operators and the temporary handling ability of faults. The overall number of industrial technicians will gradually increase, so as to meet the national industrial production standards.

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