The Method and Principle of Foaming Microwave Equipment in China

- May 07, 2019 -

In the industrial production of our country, the common foaming methods can be roughly divided into three kinds: physical foaming, chemical foaming and mechanical foaming. Today we will focus on the principle of microwave equipment foaming in physical foaming methods. The so-called physical foaming in

mostly uses pressure and temperature to make the gas dissolved in the polymer release and expand and foam. At present, polychloroethyl chloride and polyethylene foam plastics are produced by this method. The advantage is that the gas will not leave residue after foaming, and will not affect the performance and use of foamed plastics. In industrial production, microwave equipment has the characteristics of multi-function, such as heating, drying, sintering, extraction, etc. Microwave equipment is used to solidify the thermosetting polymer with high efficiency and microwave activity. The strong absorption of low molecular substances on the microwave is carried out at the same time when the polymer is solidified while the low molecular substance is absorbed by microwave gasification, solidified and foamed simultaneously to form the polymer foam material. Microwave foaming has become another new way to prepare polymer foam materials. Polyethylene foam will produce a new mode of production. Under the action of high-end microwave equipment,

can prepare silicone foam materials by microwave curing vinyl containing and hydrogenated polysiloxane. With the platinum ring two ethylene coordination complex as catalyst, water and fatty alcohol as foaming agent, the silicone foam material can be prepared by irradiating 2.5min with 900W microwave oven, the density is 0.18 to 0.27g/cm3, and the average pore size is 0.6mm. Under microwave irradiation of microwave equipment, polystyrene foams were made into foam plastics by moulding method. The specific method is to foam EPS particles mixed with water in an airtight container by rapid evaporation under microwave heating, and the foaming rate is as high as 50 times. The sealed container can be made of ordinary or annealed transparent glass or heat-resistant plastics of the same name. When molding the foamed plastics, the expanded wet polystyrene pellets are placed in the mould with holes, and then heated by microwave, so that the water becomes steam quickly, and further expands the granules, and then forms into foam products. It is often used as cushioning packaging.

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