Application of Microwave Drying and Sterilization in Black Tea Production Technology

- May 07, 2019 -

< P > Compared with conventional hot air drying, microwave drying equipment for black tea has opposite heat emission. The drying method of hot air drying equipment affects the outward evaporation of water. The microwave drying equipment is to heat the tea through the interior, so that the parts with high moisture content can be heated faster. Therefore, in the process of microwave drying, water molecules transfer rapidly from inside to outside, and the drying speed is obviously faster than that of hot air dryer. The application of microwave drying sterilization equipment in black tea drying has the following advantages: fast drying speed; good product quality; low surface temperature of tea, little change of chlorophyll, green color and storage resistance, less loss of aroma, and even drying; at the same time, due to the rapid evaporation of water, it is easy to form porous, the product has good rehydration, tea aroma and its fragrance during hot water brewing. His beneficial substances dissolve easily. In the conventional black tea production process,

green killing is to destroy the active oxidase in fresh leaves by stir-frying oven through high temperature, thus inhibiting the oxidation of active enzymes such as tea polyphenols, evaporating the moisture in fresh tea, making the tea soft, easy to roll and shape, at the same time, making the green odor of fresh tea emit, increasing the aroma of tea and improving the quality of tea. In the production and processing of

black tea, tea drying is the last process and also the key to determine the quality of tea. After fermentation, high temperature should be used to destroy the activity of enzymes, inhibit the continuous fermentation of tea, and fix the color and fragrance formed during fermentation. Under the action of dry heat, it will be developed. Then evaporate water and improve tea aroma.

Black tea microwave drying equipment is the first choice for enterprises to produce high-quality black tea. Its economic benefits and production efficiency can help enterprises to open a broad market and enhance brand image. At the same time, microwave drying equipment in the production process of energy saving and environmental protection, do not produce waste gas and wastewater and other pollutants, effectively improve the tea green process of high temperature harsh environment.

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