Drying equipment enterprises still need innovation to add vitality to the industry!

- May 07, 2019 -

< P > With the rapid development of drying equipment industry, the output of drying equipment has increased considerably, the variety of drying equipment has increased continuously, and the number of manufacturers producing drying equipment has also increased. Because of the low Individualized adaptability of drying equipment, it can not meet the special needs of various Chinese and Western pharmaceutical factories and non-pharmaceutical industries. Most drying equipment in China can not meet the production requirements of the new version of GMP. In order to solve this problem, Henan Province has been studying microwave drying for several years, and has finally opened up the history of microwave drying in China. Microwave equipment used in drying industry can meet a variety of drying requirements, such as GMP requirements for medicine, requirements for rapid drying and sterilization, and special requirements for drying under very low water content.

Although microwave drying equipment has brought technological breakthroughs to drying equipment industry, the application scope of microwave drying still has some limitations, such as low value-added materials, relatively high cost of microwave drying, so drying equipment needs to break through in many ways.

Firstly, it is necessary to meet the need for pharmaceutical enterprises to develop in the direction of intensive, high-speed and high-yield; secondly, it is necessary for downstream pharmaceutical enterprises to produce in accordance with standardization and systematization. The drying and sterilizing microwave equipment of relevant pharmaceutical machinery enterprises should be standardized and serialized in terms of specifications, parameters, parts and components, and moulds.

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