What are the characteristics of microwave extraction?

- May 07, 2019 -

Microwave equipment extraction is widely used in industry because microwave extraction has unique advantages. What are the characteristics of microwave extraction? Microwave has four characteristics: fluctuation, high frequency, thermal and non-thermal characteristics, which determine the following characteristics of microwave extraction.

P>1. Microwave extraction reagent is less used, energy-saving and less pollution.

P>2. Microwave extraction heating is uniform and the thermal efficiency is high. There is no high temperature heat source in microwave extraction, so the temperature gradient can be eliminated, the heating speed is fast, and the heating time of materials is short, so it is beneficial to the extraction of thermosensitive materials.

P>3. There is no thermal inertia in microwave extraction, so the process is easy to control.

4. Microwave extraction does not need pretreatment such as drying, which simplifies the process and reduces investment.

P>5. Microwave-assisted extraction has the advantages of large batch, high extraction efficiency and time-saving. Compared with the traditional solvent extraction method, the time can be saved by 50%~90%. The selectivity of microwave extraction was better. Because microwave can selectively heat different components in the extract, the target components can be separated from the matrix directly, thus improving the extraction efficiency and product purity.

P>7. The results of microwave extraction were not affected by the water content of the substance, and the recovery rate was higher.

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