Microwave Heating Makes Fast Food Change Our Life

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: With the rapid development of society, the pace of urban life has also accelerated. People's lunch and fast food have not only paid attention to abundance and delicacy, but also paid more attention to calorie ratio, nutrition collocation, health and safety, especially in the dietary consumption of large and medium-sized cities. A variety of fast food restaurants have been bred, and the hygiene and quality of box meals have become a major problem. Some companies that want to invest a lot of money to develop the box lunch market are also hesitant, because the heating and sterilization of box lunch is a difficult problem, and the heating and sterilization functions of large-scale microwave equipment perfectly solve the production problems of enterprises.

Enterprises produce box lunches in batches, microwave heating and sterilization are carried out when needed, and then sent to various business buildings, so that there are various choices in quality and nutrition, and the cost of box lunches will also be greatly reduced, so that enterprises can make profits. Microwave heating makes Chinese fast food not only satisfy people's simple needs and characteristics of fast food supply, but also provide people with health and nutrition enjoyment, and make it adapt to the progress of social civilization.

What are the advantages of microwave-heated box meals?

1, centralized purchase of fast food raw materials (reducing raw material costs and ensuring the quality of raw materials);

2, unified processing (production and processing of standard box meals in large enterprises, achieving industrialization, standardization and improving product quality);

3, industrialized production links (strictly abiding by national food hygiene operating rules, making) The process is safe and reliable;

4, the test section is advanced and complete (enterprise feeds, ingredients, finished products are tested);

5, reasonable nutrition ratio (introducing dietary and nutrition experts, reasonable ratio);

6, hot chain fresh-keeping link (fast food during storage will not change);

7, microwave equipment centralized heating (centralized fast, ensure that the food is finished three hours after heating, in line with fast speed). Requirements for meal delivery;

P>8. Introduce the concept of environmental protection in an all-round way.

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