Innovation and transformation of drying equipment is imperative

- May 07, 2019 -

After more than 20 years of development, drying equipment industry in China has formed a certain number of enterprises and production scale. However, many drying equipment enterprises still have technology shortage and other problems. In the fierce market competition, drying equipment manufacturing enterprises need to increase equipment and technology investment, with high-quality environmental protection products to lead the development of the industry, energy conservation and environmental protection will be implemented.

From the technical level, drying equipment should be fundamentally renovated in terms of technology, comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology renovation, vigorously developing and applying renewable energy and industrial waste heat drying technology, speeding up transformation and upgrading, improving industry concentration, and enhancing the competitiveness of domestic drying equipment in the international market. At present, the proportion of drying energy consumption in China is almost double that in Britain. With the social progress and development, the mechanical equipment industry is also transforming from "traditional industry" to "energy-saving and environmental protection industry". According to the change of market demand, drying equipment should be upgraded continuously to become a new choice for mechanical equipment to achieve energy-saving and environmental protection. At present, green environmental protection and energy saving have become a global topic. Many enterprises have taken advantage of the situation to develop green machinery products, and drying equipment is no exception. Although in the international competition, the advantages of drying equipment in China are mainly low price, the degree of product automation control, quality and performance also need to be further improved.

In addition, comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, vigorous development and application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat drying technology, to implement the development strategy of efficient and green drying, energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be considered comprehensively in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

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