The application prospect of microwave drying technology is limitless

- May 07, 2019 -

The drying equipment of medicinal materials can be said to be a good embodiment of the application of microwave drying technology in the market. It perfectly demonstrates the characteristics of microwave drying technology, and at the same time makes people realize and clearly realize the broad development prospects of microwave drying technology. Microwave drying equipment is different from traditional drying method, and its heat conduction direction is the same as water diffusion direction. Compared with traditional drying methods, it has the advantages of high drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to realize automatic control and improve product quality. At the same time, it also has the advantages of killing green, sterilizing and so on.

The traditional drying equipment for medicinal materials uses coal as fuel to burn, and generates clean hot air as drying medium to absorb moisture in traditional Chinese medicines, remove humid air that reaches a certain moisture content, and circulate back and forth to meet the moisture required by traditional Chinese medicines. It is characterized by time-consuming, laborious, incomplete drying requirements of medicinal materials, poor sterility, and pollution of the environment with coal as fuel.

Therefore, the emergence of new technology appears to be extremely necessary. The emergence of microwave technology appropriately meets the drying requirements of medicinal materials, and also conforms to the current popular theme of environmental protection.

P>Microwave drying equipment for Chinese medicinal materials can keep the active ingredients of Chinese medicinal materials to the greatest extent. Microwave can also kill all kinds of fungi and eggs in medicinal materials to prevent mildew and moth during storage. All this is because: microwave heating is to make the heated object itself become a heating body, known as the overall heating mode, does not need the process of heat conduction, so it can achieve uniform heating in a short time. The characteristics of

can make the materials with poor heat conduction heated and dried in a short time, improve the utilization rate of energy, and make the size of heating furnace smaller than that of conventional heating furnace. At the same time, when the material is under the action of microwave electromagnetic field, the overall temperature of the material rises. At this time, due to the evaporation of water on the surface of the material, the surface temperature decreases, which results in a temperature gradient of high inside and low outside, the direction of which coincides with the direction of water evaporation. Therefore, it has high efficiency and good effect!

< P> With the continuous spread of the hot trend of traditional Chinese medicine in recent years, the application prospect of microwave vacuum drying technology is also full of infinite bright. The development and production level of microwave drying equipment in China should be further improved to automation and play a greater role in the drying of medicinal materials.

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