Promoting new energy-saving drying equipment in response to national environmental protection policy

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Drying Equipment Network News: Sustainable development of industrial drying production links makes some less environmentally friendly enterprises unable to produce, only traditional coal-fired drying methods can change other ways, although the cost will be relatively increased, but the value of the enterprise itself is incomparable.

The development of traditional drying equipment in China has a long history. Low prices have greatly reduced the threshold of investment, and are the first choice for some start-up enterprises. However, the bad production environment, high labor costs, low drying quality and serious environmental pollution make enterprises have to re-transform in the later period. The demand of the market determines that the traditional drying equipment is only a substitute for the blank time of technology, and can not survive in the stage of drying equipment for a long time.

It is known that the proportion of drying energy consumption in China is almost twice the total industrial energy consumption in Britain at present, and enterprises should further seek to upgrade energy-saving technologies in the future. At present, with the needs of social progress and development, machinery and equipment industry is also transforming from "traditional industry" to "energy-saving and environmental protection industry".

In order to realize the development strategy of energy saving and environmental protection, it is necessary to rely on the resource-saving development path and turn the production and development of a single extensive drying equipment into a combination and intelligent one. It is necessary not only to carry out thorough technological transformation, but also to carry out comprehensive energy-saving technological transformation and vigorously develop and apply the drying technology of renewable energy and industrial waste heat. In the fierce market competition,

drying equipment manufacturing enterprises should increase investment in equipment and technology, play a "environmental protection brand", lead the development of the industry with high-quality environmental protection products, and implement energy conservation and environmental protection. According to the change of market demand, drying equipment should be continuously upgraded to become a new choice for mechanical equipment to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. Microwave drying equipment is a sublimation of drying technology. It uses electricity instead of traditional fuel combustion, has no exhaust emissions and high efficiency. It is a rare energy-saving product in the market, but the price is slightly higher than the traditional drying equipment, which makes some small enterprises stand back. Innovation is the new driving force of enterprises. The mechanical renewal of drying links enables products to have better quality assurance and makes enterprises stand out in the market competition.

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