Technological Innovation of Industrial Drying Equipment to Realize Green Safety Production

- May 07, 2019 -

Precision drying equipment is becoming more and more intense in modern industry, and customers'demand for precision drying equipment is also growing. Precision drying equipment has better drying effect, energy-saving drying mode and intellectualized combined production mode are the products of mass production technology and production process accumulation.

With the social progress and development needs, China's industrial machinery and equipment industry is also transforming from "traditional industry" to "energy-saving and environment-friendly industry". At present, the proportion of drying energy consumption in China is almost double that in Britain. According to the changes of market demand, drying equipment should be continuously upgraded and replaced, and enterprises should further seek energy-saving technology in the future. Technological upgrading has become a new choice for industrial machinery and equipment to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. Technological innovation is the only way for industrial production. If drying equipment does not have certain R&D investment, it will be phased out by the tide of the times. Technological innovation is the key to the maturity of the industry. At present, "green environmental protection" and "energy saving and consumption reduction" have become global topics, and consumers are listed as an important factor in product selection. Drying equipment industry is not backward, and technology upgrade will be directed at green environmental protection.

In order to realize the development strategy of energy saving and environmental protection, it is necessary to rely on the resource-saving development path and turn the production and development of a single extensive drying equipment into a combination and intelligent one. It is necessary not only to carry out thorough technological transformation, but also to carry out comprehensive energy-saving technological transformation and vigorously develop and apply the drying technology of renewable energy and industrial waste heat.

drying equipment enterprises urgently need to take advantage of the situation and apply the "green" elements in various forms to brand marketing strategies. In fact, green environmental protection is not only the "lyrics" of enterprise marketing means, but also the close combination of green concept and enterprise daily production and operation, in order to achieve a win-win situation of brand promotion and profit growth. In the fierce market competition,

drying equipment manufacturing enterprises should increase investment in equipment and technology, play a "environmental protection brand", lead the development of the industry with high-quality environmental protection products, and implement energy conservation and environmental protection.

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