Microwave drying has made great contribution to industrial drying industry.

- May 07, 2019 -

In the development history of drying equipment in China, the change of drying equipment from extensive drying to precise drying has made some high-end drying equipment develop slowly. Some traditional drying equipment can only reduce water content to 15%. When the water content is below 15%, conventional drying will be a little difficult, time-consuming and hard to achieve the desired results.

Because the production technology of drying equipment in China lags behind that in other countries for nearly 10 years, domestic enterprises are small and scattered, and their industrial concentration is not high. Although China is currently engaged in the development and production of drying equipment, most enterprises lack core technology and can only engage in small-scale system integration, installation and matching. From the current development situation, there is still a big gap between China's drying equipment industry and the world's advanced level. There are still many problems in its development:

First, the technology level is low, the quality of precision drying equipment is poor, the manufacturing of high precision drying equipment is still difficult, and the core technology and key products are still dependent on imports. Large processing allowance, serious energy consumption of drying equipment and raw material consumption, long processing cycle and low production efficiency have become bottlenecks restricting the development of the industry. < P > < P > Secondly, there are fewer enterprises with R&D capability in the whole industrial chain, and their R&D willingness is insufficient. Precision drying equipment is the product of mass production technology and production process accumulation. If there is no certain R&D input products have remained at the low-end level, it will be phased out by the tide of the times.

The long-term backwardness of technology has made China's drying equipment face domestic and foreign problems. Because of its small scale and application, it has not formed enough large-scale application, and mostly relies on multi-varieties and small-batch production. Although the production cost is high, the sale price is very low. On the one hand, it has fierce competition at home, on the other hand, it has no advantage in the international market, compared with foreign products. It's more competitive than being uncompetitive. With the increasing requirements of industrial drying production, high-end microwave drying equipment has been developed. When the moisture content of materials is very low, microwave drying is the only way to achieve excellent results. Microwave drying is a newly developed project in recent years. At present, there are not many domestic microwave drying manufacturers. Henan-led microwave drying equipment companies have slowly developed and made great contributions to China's microwave drying.

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