Domestic Demand for Drying Equipment in 2015

- May 07, 2019 -

At present, in the sales of domestic drying equipment, economic drying equipment accounts for about 50%, meeting the domestic market demand; popularized drying equipment accounts for about 45%, realizing large-scale production; high-end drying equipment accounts for about 5%, varieties are greatly increased; economic drying equipment reaches the capacity of mass export, popularized drying equipment gradually expands exports, and advanced drying equipment exports have made breakthroughs. 。

According to the news, according to the special planning requirements for drying equipment development, by 2015, domestic drying equipment accounted for more than 50% of the domestic market demand, complete functional components, self-sufficiency rate reached 60%, and systems with independent intellectual property rights accounted for 75% of the total output of drying equipment.

Experts said that the development and progress of drying equipment industry had changed the society to some extent. We will promote social progress by meeting the public's views on machinery industry and equipment manufacturing industry and some traditional concepts. Therefore, it is of great significance to promote the progress of drying equipment. To promote the progress of drying equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the improvement and innovation.

China's machinery consumption has ranked first in the world for 10 consecutive years, and has become the most active machinery market in the world. As an important branch, the share of dryer equipment is also expanding. Now, an important task of drying equipment is to improve self-sufficiency and increase the share of domestic equipment in the whole industry.

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