The application prospect of vacuum microwave oven is extensive

- May 07, 2019 -

Microwave is more and more widely used in drying industry, and industrial microwave technology is more and more advanced. By combining microwave drying with vacuum drying technology, the vacuum microwave oven developed in Henan Province has been widely used in the fields of biochemistry, chemical pharmacy, medical hygiene, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection, etc. for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers. Especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive, decomposible, oxidizable and complex components of goods for rapid and efficient drying treatment.

Henan Vacuum Microwave Hot Air Circulating Oven has three main application trends:

1. Vacuum microwave drying absorbs the advantages of microwave heating and vacuum drying, and is a promising drying technology. It is suggested that China speed up the development of vacuum microwave drying equipment. The combination of vacuum microwave drying and microwave heating technology or other drying methods has resulted in many new vacuum drying devices, which have endowed vacuum drying with new connotation and vitality.

3. Vacuum microwave oven has a series of advantages, such as low drying temperature, relative hypoxia in drying room, avoiding fat oxidation and pigmentation browning. It is suitable for the drying of heat sensitive food materials. In addition, the cost of equipment and drying is relatively low. Vacuum drying plays an important role in food drying. Of course, vacuum microwave oven also has some shortcomings, such as small production capacity, not suitable for large-scale production, and high requirements for some materials.

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