Nie's International Rose Industrial Park processes 40 tons of rose buds per day

- May 07, 2019 -

A spring rain came quietly, moistening the 50,000 Mu rose planting base in Zaoyang, and ushering in the rosette blooming period at the same time. Major media have reported on the recent production of Ni's International Rose Industrial Park. On April 14, 50,000 mu of roses in Zaoyang opened in competition. According to the director of Nishi International Rose Industrial Park, the company now processes 40 tons of rosebuds and buys 20 tons of roses every day. With the arrival of the flourishing period, the purchasing volume of rosebuds per day will reach about 60 tons. In production, roses can be made into rose drinks, rose water, oral liquid and rose essential oil after fresh-keeping, sauce-making, quick-freezing and drying.

Rose buds currently picked and purchased need to be stored by drying qualitative method. On April 8, 2014, the Rose qualitative equipment manufactured by the Group for Nishi International was successfully commissioned. At present, two production lines have been put into use. Recently, four other production lines will be gradually opened and put into use.

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