Breakthrough of Drying Equipment in Energy Saving and Efficiency

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Drying Equipment Network News: At present, the development of drying equipment has become popular. The widespread popularity of conventional drying equipment technology among industries has made more and more enterprises into the drying equipment industry, and price war has become a major means of competition. With the continuous development of drying equipment industry, some drying equipment manufacturers with high technology content pay attention to the development of new products, the benefits are increasing; on the contrary, some enterprises with low technology content and weak ability to develop new products and technologies begin to decline. Market reaction shows that the chemical industry expects drying equipment manufacturing industry to adjust product structure according to the requirements of high quality, low energy consumption and environmental protection, further strengthen basic research and consolidate the foundation of application research and development. In terms of technology, research on automation, testing, manufacturing technology, material quality and appearance design should be strengthened. In the field of application research and development, attention should be paid not only to international exchanges and cooperation, but also to the protection of intellectual property rights; attention should be paid not only to the development of new technologies and new application fields, but also to the innovation and innovation of traditional technology and traditional application fields. It should be said that this is the only way to make our drying equipment bigger and stronger.

Conventional drying equipment and advanced drying equipment are quite different, of course, the price is also very different. Energy saving and high efficiency are the development direction of drying equipment in our country, and there have been significant breakthroughs at present. The improvement of technology content of domestic drying equipment is producing gratifying results. For a long time, the domestic drying equipment industry has such characteristics: small scale of production, low entry threshold, low overall technical content, the industry's annual sales revenue of less than 5 million yuan of enterprises account for more than 60%, annual sales revenue of more than 10 million yuan of manufacturers account for only 5% to 8%, product grade is generally low and similar.

P>But now, high-tech content products are giving birth to the backbone enterprises of drying equipment manufacturing industry. This is likely to be a signal for the industry to get rid of vicious price competition, change the small and scattered size of enterprises, and carry out the natural integration of the industry. Through technological competition, we can take the road of combining the strong with the strong, eliminating the fittest, and cultivate the leading enterprises with strong strength in the industry, which may be just around the corner.

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