China's drying equipment industry should increase the research of related industries

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: With the continuous development of drying equipment in China, we should also pay attention to the enlargement of drying equipment. Enlargement involves hydrodynamics, mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, materials science, dust removal, anti-corrosion, electrical appliances, control and other disciplines. Some problems may arise in the amplification process. Therefore, the enlargement of drying equipment is not simply geometric enlargement. In this respect, to a large extent, it depends on industrial experience, mastery of material properties and knowledge of drying equipment. The phenomena that may occur in the process of amplification should be predicted rationally and objectively, and corresponding schemes can be put forward. The so-called study of amplification effect is to accumulate practical experience, summarize the amplification law of equipment and accumulate experience for engineering design while mastering drying theory and drying technology. Low automation level and backward control means of domestic drying equipment are common problems. At the present level of automation, it is not difficult to solve the control problems in drying equipment, but the most deficient problem is the reasonable combination of automatic control technology and drying equipment. As mentioned earlier, different materials require different dryers. Similarly, different materials have different requirements for control means. The role of automatic control in dryer is well known, but its one-time investment is also the most concerned issue. Sometimes, the investment of control equipment even exceeds the investment of dryer machinery. In view of the dryer and drying process requirements, it is also a subject that should be studied to determine a reasonable control scheme and appropriate control means for specific drying projects. The basic theory research of

is the basis of developing new technology. Only the development of drying technology can promote the progress of drying equipment. Our country should establish drying basic research base in Colleges and research institutes. In-depth study of drying mechanism will lay a theoretical foundation for technological development, so that drying equipment in China will gradually embark on the road of independent innovation.

Innovation is the absolute principle of development. Only by integrating drying equipment system can drying equipment develop together can drying equipment have a bright future!

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