Break through the bottleneck and promote the development of drying equipment industry

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: With the continuous development of Industrial Science and technology, more and more materials need to be dried in industrial production, involving more and more industries, from the earliest pharmaceutical, chemical production to food production, drying equipment technology is also increasingly high. At present, there are more than ten different types of drying equipment on the market. According to the characteristics of materials, different drying processes can be selected. The development of drying equipment is relatively stable. Finding a breakthrough in the industry can break through the bottleneck and better promote the development of drying equipment industry. The prospect of pharmaceutical machinery enterprises producing drying equipment is very considerable, but it is undeniable that their investment costs are also high. Not many enterprises must follow the trend of development, strengthen the application of microwave drying equipment, and promote the development of drying equipment industry in China. Any process or several processes together may become the "bottleneck" of drying process, which depends on the design of drying equipment, operating conditions and the characteristics of the material being dried. Only by improving the efficiency of heat and mass transfer and increasing the surface area of freeze-dried materials per unit volume can a faster drying rate

be achieved. At present, many enterprises have begun to operate the combined production, so that drying equipment can be installed in industrial production links, reasonable distribution of outlets and imports, so as to make the whole production more smoothly and orderly.

In the drying process, customers are increasingly demanding the functionalization, combination, intellectualization and automation of drying equipment. Save labor costs, let equipment to complete more work, has become a bottleneck in industrial production. If we can break through this bottleneck, drying equipment will usher in a new era.

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