How to View the Formation of Industrial Chain in Drying Equipment Industry

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: With the increasing demand for drying equipment in China, the domestic demand may double in 2015. At present, most drying equipment on the market is mainly economic type, energy saving is the first choice. Of course, the traditional drying equipment still occupies a certain proportion, while the market share of high-end drying equipment is only about 5%. Drying is a process that seems simple, but it's not easy to combine all kinds of production requirements perfectly.

P>Because of the late development of drying equipment, the industrial chain is relatively small. Unlike the construction industry, it can not drive the development of many industries. The formation of an industrial chain requires several generations to work together and invest a lot of money and energy to research and develop. Therefore, the formation of drying equipment industry chain in China still needs a certain time to complete and improve. At present, China's drying equipment industry is facing a watershed of epoch-making development. Relevant enterprises should seize the opportunity to make continuous innovation and progress on the basis of government policies. With the support of independent innovation and policy, enterprises should conform to the trend of the times and market development trend.

Nowadays, the variety of dryer equipment in our country is increasing day by day, the scope of use is expanding constantly, the product level is improving rapidly, and the market competitiveness is also increasing constantly. Especially, the relevant supporting policies issued by the government, such as agricultural machinery subsidy policy, are very beneficial to the development of dryer industry in our country. In the international competition, compared with the competitors, China's drying equipment manufacturers have the advantage of low price. The shortcomings mainly lie in the degree of automation control, appearance quality, complete set and functional combination of products to be further improved. Experts said that the development and progress of drying equipment industry has changed the views of society and the general public on machinery industry and equipment manufacturing industry and some traditional concepts, and promoted social progress to a certain extent. Therefore, it is of great significance to promote the progress of drying equipment. To promote the progress of drying equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the improvement and innovation. The formation of industrial chain in drying equipment industry needs to be judged and predicted by market demand. Predicting and predicting the market ahead of time can seize the market opportunities ahead of time and better enable the formation of industrial chain


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