Standardized combination of drying equipment will become a trend in the future

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: At present, there are no inspection standards for the quality and performance of drying equipment in China, and there are no national standards for drying equipment. Most of them are non-standard equipment customized according to the needs of customers. Therefore, drying equipment in the degree of automation control, appearance quality, complete sets and functional combinations have great differences. Therefore, standardization and combination of drying equipment will become a trend of drying equipment industry in the future. This requires a lot of technical personnel to invest a lot of energy to contribute to the industry. The lack of theoretical research is a major bottleneck restricting the development of drying equipment. The physical properties of the dried materials are various, and only a few drying equipment can not meet the needs of production. Theoretical research is the basis of developing new dryers. With the development of drying technology in China, it is necessary to train a group of theoretical research and drying technology developers to improve the technical content of drying equipment in China. In recent years, although some colleges and universities or research institutes are doing this work in our country, the input of human and material resources is far from enough. Compared with Denmark, Canada, Japan and other countries, China still has a large gap in theoretical research. At the same time, drying equipment enterprises still lack a qualified experimental process. So far, neither drying equipment factory nor theoretical research unit has a perfect experimental base. Drying is a very experimental technology, whether theoretical research or drying equipment manufacturing, experimental means are indispensable. Through experiments, theoretical workers can summarize many laws in the drying process, and equipment manufacturers can determine various process parameters through experiments. However, many units just ignore the importance of experiments. Some equipment factories don't even have a set of experimental devices, so they are blindness in equipment design. The low-end products of

not only affect the overall image of drying equipment in China, but also cause internal strife in the price of drying equipment in China, which makes it difficult to exert the overall competitiveness of drying industry in China. Therefore, pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers should consider the requirements of pharmaceutical quality standards, develop dynamic monitoring systems, fully closed automatic production lines, and add warning signs and other humanized design to the equipment.

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