Prospects for the future of drying equipment market in China

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: At present, the drying equipment industry has entered a more mature stage of development, which can better meet the actual needs of users in various fields. The price of foreign similar products is only 1/3, which makes the drying equipment in China have obvious advantages over the price of imported equipment in the market competition; on the other hand, the larger drying equipment, mostly involving the scene. Installation, commissioning and after-sales service work, for domestic users, domestic equipment imported equipment to choose more options and more convenient. By far, drying equipment manufacturers are mainly located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Henan, accounting for almost 50% of the total number of enterprises in the whole industry. In contrast, there are no drying equipment manufacturers in some areas in China. In highly competitive industries, some companies focus on immediate results, do not need any systematic development, improve the overall quality, slow progress, seriously hampering the normal development of the industry.

In the international market, China's accession to the WTO, drying equipment is more conducive to expanding exports. At present, China's main export products are vacuum drying equipment, drying equipment, vibration, small and medium-sized grain, agriculture, forestry, food and local product drying equipment, with an annual export volume of more than 100 vehicles. The main export areas are Southeast Asian countries and other developing countries, and open the door to European and American markets.

Drying equipment industry is engaged in the development of small enterprises, new products, and perfect launch of new products are mainly to imitate each other. It is suggested to develop advanced technology and improve product quality. Compared with the developed countries in the world, there is still a certain gap in the same industry. In the current market, products with low technology content are the main ones. With China's entry into WTO, more international counterparts will enter the domestic market. With the increasingly serious international competition, we will face tremendous competition pressure. The future drying equipment market will gradually enter the competition of technology core, innovative technology and product quality. The future development of drying equipment will be in-depth study of drying equipment and drying characteristics of materials, master the optimal operating conditions for different materials, develop and improve drying equipment.

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