Three Standards for the Development of Drying Equipment

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Since the 1990s, some famous foreign heavy-duty manufacturers have switched their doors, especially the German drying equipment manufacturing industry, which was once the world's leading level, declined due to the long-term depression of the world drying equipment market. With the rapid development of the industrial era, the world drying equipment market is required by the market after shuffling.

The development of drying equipment in China is relatively backward. Many enterprises do a single drying link, but do not pay attention to the continuity of industrial production. If the development of drying equipment in China seems to be more practical, it must be developed in the direction of large-scale combined processing. Standardization, automation and intellectualization of industrial production are the three major standards for technological breakthroughs of drying equipment in the future. Driving the production and manufacturing of the whole production line by drying has become the trend of development in the future. At present, many domestic enterprises have tried to go in this direction, customizing the production line for customers, rather than a single drying equipment.

At present, the labor cost of our country is getting higher and higher, and the living space of enterprises is getting lower and lower. How to make enterprises do better? First, let the quality of products have advantages, let the quality win; second, let the production cost reduce, let the price win. Of course, quality and word-of-mouth are the basis for good development of enterprises, so when improving product quality, we should also calculate the cost so that sellers can buy more favorable prices.

With the change of market demand, the competition pattern of domestic drying equipment industry has been broken. Manufacturers have developed from several original manufacturers to dozens of manufacturers, and the technological level of products has developed rapidly. Compared with foreign products, the gap is getting smaller and smaller. The development and progress of China's drying equipment industry has been highly valued by the world's counterparts

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