Drying equipment provides a good foundation for industrial automation production.

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: The automation and intellectualization of industry depend on the integration and systematization of every detail of industrial production. Standardized production and equipment have become the growth path of industrial revolution in the new era. The automation of industrial drying equipment provides a good basis for industrial intelligent production. It integrates the whole production line, makes industrial production more smoothly and makes the cost of industrial production cheaper. At present, in the sales of domestic drying equipment, economic drying equipment accounts for about 50%, meeting the domestic market demand; popularized drying equipment accounts for about 45%, realizing large-scale production; advanced drying equipment accounts for about 5%, varieties are greatly increased; economic drying equipment reaches the capacity of mass export, popularized drying equipment gradually expands exports, and advanced drying equipment exports have made breakthroughs.

According to the news, according to the requirement of "special plan for drying equipment development", by 2015, domestic drying equipment will account for more than 50% of the domestic market demand, complete functional components, 60% self-sufficiency rate, and 75% of the total output of drying equipment will have independent intellectual property rights. Policy support is the guarantee. China's drying equipment industry will soon face epoch-making development. Watershed, relevant enterprises should seize the opportunity to make continuous innovation and progress on the basis of the relevant policies of government departments.

realizes the industrialization of key functional components, lays the foundation for the upgrading of drying equipment products; develops high-precision digital measuring instruments and cutting tools to support intermediate and advanced drying equipment; implements the demonstration project of advanced drying equipment to meet the needs of national key projects. In order to become the main body of technological innovation,

enterprises should join forces with universities and scientific research institutions in various forms to rationally allocate and utilize resources and effectively cultivate and develop the innovative ability of enterprises. They should also continue the policy of reform and opening-up and introduce and absorb new capabilities extensively. New capabilities can not be introduced, and the combination of technology and trade should be expanded to speed up independent innovation. Innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption, transformation and independent innovation are indispensable.

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