Research on Microwave Extraction in Pharmaceutical Industry

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: In industry, industrial microwave equipment has heating, drying, sterilization, expansion, extraction, sintering, and other functions. Like microwave heating box rice, convenient and fast. Today we will discuss the industrial process of microwave extraction in pharmaceutical industry. Microwave extraction, also known as microwave extraction, is based on the basic principle of microwave. It uses microwave to produce different phenomena of reflection, penetration and absorption of different substances in the transmission process. After receiving microwave radiation energy, polar molecules produce thermal effects by rotational collisions of molecular dipoles at 2.45 billion times/s frequency. In the extraction of microwave through transparent extractant to reach the plant interior, because of its high water content of fiber bundles and glandular system, it absorbs microwave quickly and warms up, which increases the intracellular pressure. When the internal pressure exceeds the cell wall tolerance, the cell wall ruptures, and the effective components in the cell wall automatically flow out and enter the extractant to be dissolved, so that the dregs can be removed and the liquid can be stored for extraction purposes.

Microwave equipment has the advantages of fast heating speed, short time, fast permeation of solutes and solvents, and can generally be purified at one time, and hot water from external heating source can be recycled. In addition, due to the penetration of microwave, the effective components in plant fibers are rapidly transferred into solvents, thus greatly improving the transfer rate. According to a large number of scientific research data and analysis and determination, the extraction rate can be increased by 30%-70%, which is conducive to making full use of the limited resources of medicinal materials to produce more products and reduce the consumption of medicinal materials.

In recent years, continuous extraction of microwave equipment has been widely used in various industries, and fruitful results have been achieved in the research and development of new products of traditional Chinese medicine. Relevant enterprises should maintain their advantages, try their best to reduce the production cost of products of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, and realize the automation, continuation, industrialization and scale of equipment. On the basis of improving the quality of products proposed by the state, microwave continuous extraction equipment is striding towards the basic goal of energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction.

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