Pharmaceutical industry vacuum and microwave technology combined!

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Vacuum drying equipment was first used in the pharmaceutical industry, because the pharmaceutical industry requires a very high environment, and vacuum drying equipment can provide a sterile production environment, so that the development of vacuum drying equipment in the pharmaceutical industry is like a fish in water. Vacuum drying equipment can not only provide a sterile environment, more importantly, can be dried at low temperature, so that water can boil at low temperature, low-temperature drying will not destroy the properties of drugs, thus producing better quality medicines to serve human beings. Industry insiders pointed out that domestic enterprises have accelerated the research of vacuum drying technology, reduced energy consumption and pollution to a certain extent, brought more benefits and value to the society, and made due contributions to the realization of green production and low-carbon production. The combination of

microwave and vacuum makes vacuum drying more drying heat source. Compared with the current drying oven drying method and spray drying method, microwave vacuum continuous drying equipment can ensure that the product quality is much higher than that of other drying methods. Due to technical reasons, microwave vacuum continuous drying equipment has been perfected, and I believe it will be more perfect. Empty production lines are put into industrial production. Microwave vacuum drying is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, decomposible and oxidizable materials. It can fill inert gases into the interior, especially for some articles with complex components. Low oxygen content during drying at low pressure can prevent oxidative deterioration of dried materials, and can dry flammable and explosive dangerous products; can vaporize moisture in materials at low temperature, easy to dry heat sensitive materials; can recover valuable and useful ingredients in dried materials; can prevent the discharge of toxic and harmful substances in dried materials, can become an environmental protection type of \\\\\\ In the pharmaceutical industry, vacuum microwave drying equipment is a quite convenient mode of production for the benefit of mankind. With the continuous renewal and improvement of technology, I believe that microwave vacuum drying equipment will be more perfect.

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