What is the difference between drying equipment and drying equipment?

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: There are various kinds of equipment used for industrial production in drying industry in our country, of course, there are many names, there are drying equipment, there are drying equipment, so how do these differences? In fact, from the meaning of understanding, there is no big difference is used for drying links. If you look at the details, there are some differences.

Drying equipment is literally understood as equipment that can dry materials, so generally speaking, as long as the material can be treated by drying process, it can be called drying equipment, such as high-temperature drying equipment, low-temperature drying equipment, air-drying equipment, dehydration equipment, freeze-drying equipment and so on. Drying equipment is a general term for mechanical equipment in a broad sense. The drying equipment of

is relatively different. The drying is one of the drying technologies, such as the oven, drying room, microwave equipment and so on. As long as the equipment uses heat energy to dry materials, it can be called drying equipment, so drying equipment is actually a relatively common drying equipment. It is understood that in the international market competition, the main competitors of China's drying equipment manufacturers are Denmark, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and Japan. Compared with competitors, although the price of drying equipment in China is low, there are obvious gaps in the degree of automation control, appearance design, complete set and functional combination of products.

although China's dry enterprises have formed many distinctive products, such as spray drying equipment, internally heated fluidized bed drying equipment, flash drying equipment, microwave equipment drying, etc., there are not many original innovative products, and there is still a certain gap in processing quality, environmental protection requirements and humanized design. Therefore, in the face of more advanced technology, higher-end products and fiercer competition, our enterprises must improve product quality, shape brand image, optimize industrial structure and improve the level of development by practicing internal skills and strengthening independent innovation.

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